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Cave Story+ Coming to Nintendo Switch In June With Physical Release

Nicalis has previously teased that Cave Story will be heading to the Nintendo Switch and they’ve now confirmed that it’s coming as Cave Story+. The game will be released on June 20th for $29.99. Cave Story+ will featured enhanced visuals, seven play modes, over twenty boss battles, fifteen levels, ten unique weapons, and four unique endings. You can check out the glorious box-art, below:


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  1. Damn nice boxart. Bought the 3ds one with the Holo boxart, that was pretty cool. Never finished the game and that boxart looks tempting (I know dumb reason to buy a game) lol

  2. P2. I’ll definitely be picking this up. I bought on during a Steam sale last year, but never got a chance to play it. Having it on console will be nice.

  3. I played this game before you ever had to pay money for it. I had to install an English patch for it. It was Doukutsu Monogotari before translated.

  4. Cave Story is simply one of the most amazing games I’ve ever played. Will buy it again, since I never played the + version.

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