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Famitsu Poll 82 Gaming Shops On Their Nintendo Switch Satisfaction Levels

Japanese gaming publication, Famitsu, have asked 82 gaming shops in Japan what their levels of satisfaction for Nintendo were and as you can see by the report below, it’s a bit of a mixed response. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is being received well as expected and, to no surprise (as is the same globally), there’s a shortage of pretty much everything. Check out some excerpts from the report below:

Very Satisfied 12 (14.6%)
Mostly Satisfied 25 (30.5%)
Normal 21 (25.6%)
Slightly Dissatisfied 6 (7.3%)
Dissatisfied 18 (22%)

Some points raised by the retailers:

  • The customer base is wide and the response is very positive
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is very popular
  • There isn’t enough hardware and accessories available
  • A relatively high age group are buying the system than a low age group.

What do you expect from future software? 

Splatoon 2 received 50 votes and is seen as the ‘killer title’ with ‘explosive’ hardware sales expected when it launches. Many players have bought the Switch for this title already. Positive feedback over the Global Testfire.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe received 37 votes and is praised as a family title and is the most frequently pre-ordered title. The next anticipated titles are Dragon Quest XI, ARMS, Fire Emblem Musou, Super Mario Odyssey and Spelunker.

What do you want from Nintendo Switch? 

Retailers are wanting a steady supply of hardware. This is a common theme iterated by most. The lack of accessories (Joy-Con charging grip is name-checked) is also disappointing. There is also a concern over the lack of women’s titles, a lack of family titles and a lack of third-party titles. Tabletop and mobile mode are wanted to be utilised more.


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    1. No, they are talking about Fire Emblem Warriors, which is due to release this fall. It’s like Hyrule Warriors, but with Fire Emblem instead of Zelda

  1. This seems like all good news. We already knew supplies were constrained. Anything else mentioned as a negative are just nit-picks. And I’m pleased that it’s not just younger gamers that are buying the Switch. It is a finely balanced weapon for the masses.

    1. *puts on spectacles* Today, class, we will be learning how NOT to be Xbots… Step 1: DO NOT express abject dissatisfaction with The Order. The Commander will get cranky…

    2. From the sound of things most of the dissatisfaction is from not having enough hardware to meet the demand. Hopefully that’ll change as the ramp up of production starts to hit stores.

      1. ||They better change their ways when the new shipments have been sent…||

  2. Good to see the negatives are not unfounded. In fact, the criticisms that those in this survey have are ones I myself would have of Nintendo right now.

    Ex: Hardware is not in steady supply and there are some games missing that should have been there close to launch that target different the young, old, male and female..

    1. Seeing as they have so big supply issues, I see no issue with the launch line-up being such as it is. The last thing they need is more demand atm. Better to spread it out, everyone can get a Switch when their favorite game finally releases.

    2. My biggest issues right now are the lack of touch titles (I carry it with the joycons in a separate pouch when I travel) and absolutely attrocious family support overall. The family titles are extremely lacking, the Nintendo web accounts don’t let parents partner up, and the really scary thing is that this new parental control app they’ve got out only supports one parent and one-child-per-console. I can’t keep my partners involved in the monitoring, I can’t monitor the kids individually, I can’t give them individual time restrictions, and I can’t give them individually appropriate age restrictions. gg Nintendo…

  3. “A relatively high age group are buying the system than a low age group.”

    Remember this when you go to any other gaming site and people tell you that nintendo is for little kids.

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