I Am Setsuna Free DLC ‘Temporal Battle Arena’ Coming April 13th


Square Enix has announced that Nintendo Switch owners of I Am Setsuna will get the free downloadable Temporal Battle Arena on Thursday, April 13th in the form of a patch. I Am Setsuna is available now via the Nintendo Switch eShop.

The patch adds a new party-on-party coliseum battle mode to the game, allowing players to upload their own battle data for other players to download and battle.



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  1. NintenMau5 says:

    Has anyone tried this game? I’m tempted but not too sure yet…

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    1. zeepzeep says:

      It’s good if you like old school rgps. I imported the physical copy from Japan that plays in English and am enjoying it well enough.


    2. Agato says:

      It got good reviews, though to me it does look cheap and uninspired. Not going to buy it. But anyway if you don’t care for visuals it got good reviews.

      P.S.: To me Chrono Trigger still looks good, so it’s about personal perception.


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