Nintendo Switch

Best Buy Will Have NES Classic On Monday And Switch Available Friday

Good news for those of you who are still hunting around for either a Nintendo Switch or a NES Classic Edition as Best Buy will have them in stock this week. The North American retailer will have NES Classic Edition’s in stock on Monday, April 24th and Nintendo Switch consoles on Friday, April 28th.




      1. Well we’re nearing the point of ultimate rarity so I’m glad my gf gifted it for me from eBay early on.
        I tried getting one but it was more rare than initial Amiibo that I had to go across the pond to get.

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  1. I know that nobody will read this, since I’m posting it so late. But….I FINALLY GOT THE NES CLASSIC MINI! They only got a measly 6 in stock. And I was the 5th person in line (really the 4th. But I didn’t walk up to the line fast enough). It was my lucky day.

    I just want to thank My Nintendo News here for all of their posts and information. It’s because of this site that I finally got one. And on the final shipment. I feel very fortunate right now. Scalpers can all kiss my ARSE!

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