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Helix Announced As New ARMS Fighter

With ARMS’ release just around the corner, we’re slowly getting bits of new information about the odd fighting game. Nintendo of Europe has just revealed Helix, a strange synthetic fighter built in a laboratory. Check out his launch trailer below.

21 thoughts on “Helix Announced As New ARMS Fighter”

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||I will be in the sequel LEGS as the final opponent which means 0% chance success rate for any challenger…||

    ||ARMS gets more appealing the more characters are created for it…||

  2. I can’t believe how creative these characters are getting! You have to be on acid to come up with these design. I love it.

    Back to MK8 Deluxe….
    *skiiirt skiiirt*

  3. Hello everyone Grunty is hitched with her new Nintendo Switch!!! I cant wait for Mario All Stars so I can Pitch. Tell that to microsoft fans oh what a “b***h.” Now that I have the new Console, Grunty is no longer in a fit. I cant wsit for next Smash Bros. So I can play as Angel boy Pit.

    1. Yup I was just thinking that. Looks like thats gonna be one of the trickier characters to beat But i don’t even know how the game works so who knows lol

      1. R.I.P. Robin Williams…A friend of Nintendo is a friend of mine!

        My mind is blown that he’s actually in BOTW 0_o

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