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Playtonic Looking To Improve Yooka Laylee’s Flaws In Switch Version

Yooka-Laylee reviews were a mixed bunch with some people loving the return to classic 3D platforming and others feeling that it just felt outdated. Playtonic has been listening closely to feedback and is looking to improve the game’s flaws in the upcoming version for the Nintendo Switch. Here’s what the team had to say about it on their blog:

In the days since launch – and as we work with speed towards the Nintendo Switch – the dev team has been frogmarched back down into the development mines to uncover our next big game update, which will add significant improvements and introduce some of the most requested features.

That means stuff like the optional ability to skip dialogue faster, bypass cutscenes or reduce those pesky gibberish voices, which should please the speedrunners among us. We’ll also be adding a sprinkling of design polish throughout the adventure and by popular request, changes to how the camera operates (gif the image on this page a look).


Thanks to awesomeaussie27 for the tip!



    1. ||And of course just like I predicted, the Sonyan machine was only a testing ground for the useless prototype…||

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      1. This is good to.hear, now Im laughing while Grunty pees in her underwear. Klungo hurry and give me a new pair while I clean up without fear my dear.


  1. So basically making the “Definitive Version” on Switch… kind of scummy move really, what about their backers on PS4, Xbox One and PC?

    If they update those versions along with the release of the Switch version, then it might seem less horrible.


    1. The devs never said that the improvements would be specific to the [‘|.] version. It’s a “big game update” (presumably as in a patch) that they’re working on along with the port.


  2. ” others feeling that it just felt outdated. ”

    This is not at all accurate to any of the negative reviews I’ve read. They don’t complain that it “feels outdated”, they complain that it takes a large step back in terms of content and playability than the 20 year old games it’s trying to replicate. I don’t know whether those claims have merit, I haven’t played it yet. Still, you’re reporting it as though they’re criticizing it for being what it’s trying to be, rather than failing at being what it’s trying to be.

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    1. Pretty sure I read somewhere about some people complaining about it feeling like a 64 game and that was their actual complaint, not that it failed at trying. Can’t remember, I think I may have seen the link to the review on here even but I may be totally wrong.


      1. Still many people feel as old a thing not bought when it’s already out on other platforms (Mass Effect 2 not selling on Wii U for example), or just buy it for other platforms.
        I’m mono platform (well Nintendo Switch+PC) but those with multiple platforms sometimes just ‘don’t wait’.


  3. Nice, Playtonic saved the best version (NS version) for last. This reminds me of ubisoft with Rayman Legends on Wii U (except that was supposed to be a Wii U exclusive)

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  4. I’m playing it on PC and I’m enjoying it however there are a lot of frustrating moments that have made me borderline rip my hair out so to those who have yet to play be prepared for that.

    I’ll definitely be buying it on Switch if they’re going to improve it, be interesting to see what they do.

    (nice new site layout btw)


      1. Difficulty mainly. I don’t want to spoil anything for you but let’s just say there are some very difficult mini games where you have to beat the high score and they will take quite a number of attempts.

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