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NeoGeo Games See Sales Success On The Nintendo Switch

There’s plenty of quality NeoGeo games to choose from on the Nintendo Switch eShop and it would seem as though owners of the console have been lapping them up. Hamster Co., who reproduce the games for the Nintendo Switch, have reported that sales are extremely strong with cumulative downloads currently exceeding the 200,000 mark.

38 thoughts on “NeoGeo Games See Sales Success On The Nintendo Switch”

    1. I have Alpha Mission II, Metal Slug, Metal Slug 3 & Neo Turf Masters and all are great games. Though, I’ve always been partial to Neo Geo games as I had owned an AES with about 50 games and then a dedicated 4 slot MVS with about 60 games years ago. I just sold my Neo Geo X Gold (handheld w/TV dock) last week as I’m getting my Neo Geo fix on the Switch now. I’ll be buying Blazing Star today as again, it’s another great Neo Geo game. Now, where’s my Cyberlip, Eight Man, King of the Monsters, Mutation Nation etc..etc..etc..

  1. Everything will be over soon….it is just the wii u owners who are running to buy this console
    The console will die just after E3 because nintendo have nothing to give on that event like always….
    Well maybe Switch Party for kids again just to boost the sales

    1. I don’t agree totally.
      I think you might be partly right, but my thought process is more for the Switch to go down in price once all the core Nintendo fans are done buying it.
      I just can’t afford the price tag..

      1. i also know jessica alba my sister…
        Also bruce my best friend..See? i can keep like that also
        I dont eat that shit. only nintendo crazy kids fans will buy a SUPER OVER priced Console with a game from wii u port!!
        AND mk8..another port..

    2. Honestly, Wii U owners hate the Switch, with really only a small portion actually running out the buy the system.
      Most people buying the System have never purchased a Nintendo system, have never owned a Nintendo system outside of the 3DS/2DS or people who’ve never actually owned a Nintendo system since the Nintendo Wii.

      Switch sold over 2.4 Million Units compared to PS4 which sold over 2.1 Million Units, both within their first months of launch. So if the Switch has already dominated PS4 First Month sales, then no doubt it’ll continue as the Wii U barely even got close to what the PS4 did when it first launched.

      I feel like it’s going to be the next Tablet that everyone wants and developers love.
      It’s something new and heck, I game on PC and own a PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch, yet I found myself playing on my Switch more than my PC and PS4 Pro.

      Nintendo has done a great job and they just keep showing it by releasing MK8 Deluxe which started selling out of Switch consoles in less than an Hour, from what GameStop have said who normally have a healthy supply of Switch consoles. So I wouldn’t count the Switch out just yet as it could easily outsell the Xbox One in less than 2 years and possibly outsell the PS4 in 2 1/2 years.

    1. Actually, seeing the sales on other consoles would be the thing that isn’t useful. The PS4 being older has a dramatically higher install base. Even just in terms of how many people SEE the game in the eshop, the PS4 has immensely higher numbers. There would be no way to account for the larger potential audience to compare with Switch sales numbers in any helpful way.

  2. Ten games at 7$ = 200.000 copies in all markets. Sounds like a failure to me. I’m a big fan of Neo Geo games, though I don’t want to spend on any of those already published. I’m waiting for King of Fighters ’96 and Fatal Fury 3 mostly, but there are other good games (Last Blade, Windjammers, Aero Fighters II, etc.).

    1. ” Sounds like a failure to me”

      Based on what? What’s your frame of reference for rereleases of old games with nearly 0 extra investment being released on new platforms with low numbers of potential customers?

      1. It’s 20.000 per game at just 7 euro in three markets. Mario Kart 8 is a re-release too but 460.000 copies already sold in the first day at 60 in just one market.
        For such cheap (and good) games I would like higher numbers to them successful. I’m certain that useless game ‘Kamiko’ is going to sell more than all of them (unfortunately).

      1. You are so right, let me repeat that with a rhyme with such might.

        The Joycons are really sweet, I don’t need the holders, alone, they seem neat.
        Anyone attach their Joycons to the useless thing or perfer to go free like a naked being?

  3. I have a ps4 and love it but I bought a switch and love it, and I feel like some games that are being released feel better on the switch. Because of the art style of some of the games

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  5. I have every single one. Oh wait, I haven’t got the golf one yet. But I will. I’m loving them all. I hope Bubble Bobble comes!

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