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Video: Here’s How To Unlock Gold Kart Parts In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

YouTuber Abdallah has still been busy uploading content that shows off Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. However, he is now beginning to show off unlockables that are in the game, such as gold kart parts. Abdallah doesn’t actually unlock the content in the video, but he does explain how to do it. In fact, he spends the vast majority of the video explaining it. Actual gameplay takes place later on with Abdallah showing a replay of a Ghost race as Baby Luigi, but he stops the replay after a little while. Nevertheless, if you want to learn how to unlock the parts, feel free to check out the video itself, as we’ve included it down below.




      1. Keep at it though, not only will you unlock the gold tires but you will start to memorize courses and short cuts and it’ll make racing online more enjoyable 😋 At least when I had trouble with a course I went to time trials and started trying to beat my ghost and helped me learn the track and what does and doesn’t work with out the distractions of other racers and items being thrown at you 😉

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    1. Doesn’t really save a click when you post the wrong info.
      He says it’s only 5000 coins for the glider, and you don’t need to beat Mirror Mode for the kart, just 150cc.

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  1. It’s good MNN is featuring AbdallahSmash here for others to discover. If potty mouthed channels aren’t really your thing Abdallahs channel a is a nice g rated channel with good entertaining and informative content.


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