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ARMS eShop Listing Shows Support For 2-8 Players On Local Wireless And Online

The recent listing of ARMS on the Australian and German eShop shows that the game supports 2-8 players online.

This information hadn’t previously been disclosed by Nintendo for the upcoming Switch title, so it has either been revealed ahead of time, or the listing may be showing incorrect information. You can see a screenshot of the listing below:


We will keep you posted when there’s further information!


Thanks, Awesomeaussie27

13 thoughts on “ARMS eShop Listing Shows Support For 2-8 Players On Local Wireless And Online”

      1. Well I agree with the troll to some extent. There’s not much characters to choose from. Hopefully that’s because they haven’t been revealed yet. I’m not worried tho game looks great. Hopefully there’s at least double the amount that they have now . I think there’s like 7 announced so far

        1. what the fuck you agree with me while not even me i agree with my self?:P
          But well the luck of characters is worring me i think 10 is for sure i hope they will add around 15 in the end and many weapons the weapons is the key while even with low number of characters you can still have different gameplay with same character from the weapons

          1. Lmao !! Yea I think 15 is good for the beginning and maybe include a couple dlc characters if they aren’t able to get all of them there at launch but you got a point the weapons are definitely going to be a big part

        2. The game still has 6 weeks before it launches, there’s still plenty of time for more reveals. Plus I’m sure they want there to be some hidden ones- most fighting games have characters you have to unlock before you can use them (I know mine will).

    1. Well, the 3ds initial months were slow, but eventually the games came along and we know what happened… as for the switch, although it’s a slow start like before, we’re getting AAA games at the get go (zelda, Mario kart, then splatoon, arms, Mario, etc all in the same year) and if Mario kart 8 deluxe has record sales, in positive sales will be great and the console won’t die like Wii U

  1. My guess is that Arms has some sort of online tournament mode where everyone is in one lobby and are either in the fight, or spectate it while waiting for their turn. If not specifically that, then it’s probably still at least some kind of spectator mode.

    What I want to know are more details about its single player modes.

  2. I seriously hope this game doesn’t become another Pokken. They need characters :p thankfully it seems this game is really getting lots of support so it hopefully won’t be the case

  3. This is clearly a multiplayer game. It’s aimed for online and offline tournaments like Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

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