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US: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Fastest-Selling Mario Kart Game In Franchise History

With more than 459,000 combined packaged and digital sales in the U.S. on launch day alone (April 28), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch system is the fastest-selling game in the long-running Mario Kart series. The previous record holder for the highest first-day sales in the franchise was Mario Kart Wii, with U.S. sales of approximately 433,900 when it launched in 2008. The solid sales numbers for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe equate to an attach rate of 45 percent – meaning nearly one in two Nintendo Switch owners in the U.S. purchased a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the first day it was available. To date, more than 2.7 million Nintendo Switch systems have been sold globally.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has also received more perfect review scores than any other Mario Kart game ever. With a current Metacritic score of 93, the critically acclaimed title is the highest-rated game in the series in 15 years – tying the overall review score of Mario Kart: Super Circuit for Game Boy Advance.

To continue this strong momentum into the summer, a series of great games will launch for Nintendo Switch over the next few months, including Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition (May 11), Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (May 26), ARMS (June 16) and Splatoon 2 (July 21).


    1. well im not, my brother bought it though, but i refuse to pay full price for a game i already own with not a lot of upgrades.

        1. i bought that already and the dlc. if i hadnt then i might have bought it for 60$ but i did so i dont want to pay twice for the same game

  1. Good for you Nintendo. Just grab life by the horns and shake it till it moos.

    1. ||We are doing all of this just so that you will kneel before me and Nintendo by your own free will one dark day…||

        1. ||It’s interesting, both in this realm and the human realm, the cattle turns against their deity/deities…||

        2. Well, considering that the mario kart 8 made the failed wii u sale likt hot cakes for a little bit…I think this is triple that since the switch is a success…its not really a surprise. That said, I don’t think anyone is going to jump on that ban wagon you speak so much of.

      1. Ok first: that will never happen.
        Second: Go home… you’re drunk.

      2. though Obinna Mii is now a sony pony, the clergy defends his goal: to spread the hate against nintendo and the erradication of the nintendrones.
        i find it hilarious how kalas defends obinna sasori, as disgusting as it may sound, Obinna happily claims to have watched and actually enjoyed the animal farm video..
        in his own words: “if boars can get laid, that means i have hope”..
        am not done yet..

        – Church of Sasori

  2. Absolutely insane. One interesting facet is all those people who said they wouldn’t double dip on MK8 – or people like me who were on the edge. In the end it would seem that most of us did indeed double dip and I for one am absolutely delighted I did!

    1. ||It’s reality, humans like to make themselves be heard about hatred against something, in the end they all submit to it, it’s your nature to submit to everything, ergo Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in this case…||

    2. Kinda insane indeed. Personally, I was expecting it to not sell very well; surprised to see so many people decided to double dip after all. I decided not to. But yea, surprised by the numbers for sure.

      1. I think the reason most people bought the game twice is the portability factor. The idea of playing Mario Kart 8 on a portable device was too hard to resist.

        That’s why I think the Switch will end up being a huge success. Probably close to the original Wii in sales. Because every game that releases will have a portability factor. And that is a huge draw to buy a game that you may not have bought otherwise. For example, would I purchase Street Fighter 2 again for a home console? No way. But to have it on a portable device makes the game WAY more enticing than it should be.. This applies to every game that will release on the Switch.

  3. I bought it digitally the second day. I’m almost certain that the sales have reached over 1million in the US alone by now. Mario Kart is always a force to be reckoned with, and this is my favorite Mario Kart game!!

  4. I wonder will this success mean they are going to port and enhance more Wii U games.

    I need Super Smash Bros Deluxe or Switch whatever they will call it

  5. The numbers in this article seem a bit off. If the attach rate for MKD8 sales is 45% in the US, that would mean that about 964,000 Switch’s have sold so far. Isn’t that number a month old? Also, Nintendo reported that 2.74 million Switch units were sold in March. That number is probably closer to 3.5 mil by now.

    1. Made a slight error. Switch units would be 1.02 mil, not 964,000. I still find it hard to believe that that’s all that sold so far in the US.

        1. ||Not anymore, we will see a decrease of complaints regarding demand during the course of our future…||

          ||We will load our artillery with Switches and fire them across this planet to meet demand if necesserary…||

          ||High Command is not responsible for any life that dies during the supplying…||

  6. Probably because people who own Switches only have 1 other good game and thats Zelda. When you only have 2 good games on your platform, of course they’ll sell. I want to buy a switch bad but the lineup is crap. And the new mario game looks creepy.

  7. I bought it again and it’s a great upgraded version optimizing many good details within the package and including the all new battle mode dlc and double item meta. I love the game so far… ;D
    And at those haters: I have now Fast RMX, Snipperclips, Zelda Botw, 1,2 Switch, Wonder Boy and Mk8 Deluxe and I love my Switch so far. The weakest title is clearly 1,2 Switch but with enough to drink…it’s the best party game out there.

  8. And the Switch massive craze just continues. I’m also a double dipper but wow it was worth it. If the current amazing sales of MK8D isn’t any indication of just how super popular the Switch has become then I don’t know what is. The Switch and its 1st party software continues to kill the charts….incredible

    1. ||And this only in the driest season, once the holidays arrive, the Xbots will finally be destroyed in Japan forever and Nintendo established as a power of inevitability once again…||

        1. ||There is one more promotion left to be had, but that will only be once the Xbots are destroyed in Japan…||

  9. I am not surprised at all. I kept telling people that just because it was on Wii U doesn’t mean it wouldn’t do well. A lot of people seem to forget that barely anyone knew the Wii U existed. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is basically a new game to them.

  10. Well there is a grand total of what, 6 retail Switch games?

    Between Zelda do MK8 there is nothing to even consider buying.

    The sales numbers aren’t that surprising.

    1. Besides all of the improvements made to the game, the main reason why I bought it again, was do to the fact that for me it’s the best portable racing game out there, period. It looks much better on my 65″ 4K TV when docked then the Wii U version too!

  11. Hey guys, remember how Nintendo was doooooooooomed? Remember how the Switch was gonna fail? How Nintendo was either gonna go bankrupt or go third party? Man, I love how history lways repeats with the Ninteno haters. Been hearing that rot for the last 25 years.

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