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ARMS: Here’s A Fight Between Spring Man And Ninjara

Nintendo has continuously been providing news and updates about its forthcoming brawler ARMS for the Nintendo Switch via its Twitter account. Today, we have been greeted with a short video showcasing a fight between two combatants, Spring Man and Ninjara. Not only did we get a short video, but Nintendo also revealed an alternate colour for Spring Man. ARMS releases for Nintendo Switch on June 16th and you can check out some footage of the fight in action, below

15 thoughts on “ARMS: Here’s A Fight Between Spring Man And Ninjara”

  1. I just can’t get excited for Arms. I’m gonna wait on the reviews before I buy this one. If the reviews are stellar, I might pick it up. Probably not though. Give us a new punch out already.

    1. It’s ok Deepsouth, everyone has different tastes. I too am a bit skeptical about it. Music very good, graphics nice, characters just ok, but mechanic, well… I hope it will be good. I just appreciate old 2D school fighters with their elegance. This is clunky, at least from an aesthetics point of view. Maybe it’s engaging while actually playing it.

      1. Even if the game is fun and engaging, it’s just not my cup of tea. Fun and cartoony is a good break from dramatic and photo realism. But the opposite is also true. Sometimes I think Nintendo over does the goofy cartoony games. Give is a dark serious tone game for a change… like you know, Metroid?

        1. Internal JP teams are childy people, Metroid was developed in US.
          I don’t mind the art direction sincerely.
          Eventually they want more people for Smash Bros. ^^

    1. The problem is that I seriously doubt Nintendo will make two boxing games within a five year period. So that basically means Arms has taken the place of a another Punch Out game. And that just plain sucks. I’d much have rather had a Punch Out on the Switch. In fact I almost despise Arms for that reason alone.

  2. If you all didn’t get a chance to actually play this game yet then i understand why people are skeptical. The game was hella fun and playing it made it a Day 1 purchase for me instead of a pre owned only purchase.

    Support new IPs

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  4. Seeing how players can combine different arms (weapons) with different character styles, it seems that this game will have a lot of depth in its combat system. There are some still hidden characters as well. It feels to me just like Pokken Tournament: on the surface it seems simple, sometimes even silly, but once you pick up and play you realize how complex matches can be and how many things you must handle in order to win.
    I´m really interested in ARMS. Still, it seems that it will be better played with traditional controls rather than motion controls, given the amount of action the game provides

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