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More Nintendo Switch Cave Story+ Info Will Be Revealed In The Coming Weeks

Nicalis has revealed that it is planning to share more info regarding the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of Cave Story+ in the coming weeks. The publisher recently confirmed that the game will feature a local co-op mode, allowing you to experience the entire adventure with a friend. Cave Story+ is scheduled to launch on June 20, complete with enhanced visuals, seven play modes, over 20 boss battles, 15 levels, 10 unique weapons and four different endings.



  1. *sigh* If it’s only $20 or so, I’ll feel forced to get this, in addition to having it on Steam and DSi (and my brother has the 3DS one, which, coincidentally I bought as a gift).

  2. Random unrelated thought: Nintendo should develop a Sheika slate mobile/tablet app that connects to your BotW Sheika slate.

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