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Cave Story+ Features Local Co-op Mode On Nintendo Switch

Local co-op is among the new modes included in Cave Story+. The feature will be implemented in the upcoming Nintendo Switch release later this year as a free update. Cave Story+ is scheduled to launch on June 20, complete with enhanced visuals, seven play modes, over 20 boss battles, 15 levels, 10 unique weapons and four different endings. The game has players take control of an amnesiac boy on a journey to learn the origins of a rare world’s power, stop a delusional villain and save innocent rabbit-like creatures called Mimiga.

13 thoughts on “Cave Story+ Features Local Co-op Mode On Nintendo Switch”

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  2. I wasn’t really planning on buying Cave Story again, but the co-op mode is really tempting… Okay then, I might buy Cave Story again, for the 4th time, Nicalis…

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