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NBA Playgrounds Won’t Initially Launch With All Features For Nintendo Switch

When NBA Playgrounds launches across all platforms next week, the Switch version will be without a very important feature: online play. Don’t head to the comments section just yet as a representative has recently confirmed that a patch will enable the feature just “a few days after launch”.

Another feature that won’t be enjoyed straight away will be two-on-two multiplayer online. Only one-on-one will be available when it releases.

Matchmaking with friends is also another feature not activated from release and players will have to utilise leaderboards to specify who they play with. These missing points aren’t just specifically for the Nintendo Switch though as other console owners won’t have access to these either until a patch is released, again, “soon after launch”.



  1. Very misleading to say that the Switch version specifically won’t have these features, which implies that the others do, and then at the very end clarify that the others don’t have them either. Kinda clickbaity.

  2. Well that’s unfortunate but it’s fine I usually don’t play online till I feel “good enough” in a game anyways and that takes a couple of days at least

  3. Anyone know who is the developer of this game? Just curious if its an indie developer, or if its like a big company like 2k, or EA, or someone else

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