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UK: Here’s The Top 10 Best-Sellers During Q1 2017

The UK is an extremely important player in the worldwide video game market so it is always interesting to see which games gamers are flocking towards. We now have physical sales data for January 1st to April 1st 2017 courtesy of GFK and Ukie and it would seem as though Ubisoft have taken the crown with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands.





    1. I’m just on the phone to her right now. She’s busy with dinner guests but I’ve made sure that she wraps up her evening by ordering her guests to buy 300 copies of Zelda.

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  1. If we analyse the install base of each system, this are great news for Nintendo, heck, is doing toe to toe against 40 million ps4 and 20 something million Xbox One.


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