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Blaster Master Zero Has Had Over 80,000 Downloads On Nintendo Switch

Blaster Master Zero has been a surefire success on the Nintendo Switch. The developers behind the game have told Wall Street Journal reporter, Takashi Mochizuki, that the game has surpassed 80,000 downloads since the game launched on the eShop. Mochizuki also revealed that the game was developed by just 35 developers and that it took them six months to complete the action based title.

15 thoughts on “Blaster Master Zero Has Had Over 80,000 Downloads On Nintendo Switch”

    1. That’s not very good for a mid tier Indy game either. Maybe 80k is ok for an extremely cheap Indy game like that stupid bird game. But even Indy games can costs millions of dollars to develop. They need millions in revenue. At least a few hundred thousand downloads to make a profit most of the time.

      1. not at all, they are made for relatively cheap. Now i dont know how much this game cost to make but they would not have released these numbers if it wasnt good. Also I will remind you also came out on the 3ds (with an install base 20x the switch’s) so i think it far from a flop

    2. One or two million for a indie game is fairly cheap. Imagine if the game only took one year to develop. And out of the 35 people let’s just say 10 of them actually were paid a salary of 50k. That’s already 500k dollars off 10 persons salary. Not to even mention the other 20 people involved. And that’s just the labor costs. I would say this game cost a couple million to develop. They are showing off the 80k because it was achieved in a 6 month period. If 80k was a lifetime sale the game would have flopped hard. But like you said it also has 3ds sales, which you can also add more to the development costs.

    3. Ok I see now where it says 6 month production time. But my point still stands. I still believe the game had to at least cost a million probably 2 million to develop.

      1. my point still stands, the fact that they announced this number means they are happy, so it must mean it is somewhat of a success

    1. I’m sure that 35 people were involved, but not for the whole 6 months. Some of them were probably only on the project for a couple of weeks or less. I just can’t imagine that the core team would be more than 4 or 5 people. However, it is a great game!

    2. Is that a success? I’m not so sure. The game is only $10 which would mean they have only made 800k. Im sure the game cost several million to develop, and add on marketing and distribution costs, there is no way they are even close to breaking even yet. Im sure they will eventually, and even make a small profit over the course of the Switches lifetime. But as of now 80k downloads is not very good.

      1. That game with that pathetic art set can’t cost half a million, just can’t. Also there is no marketing, it’s just a download.
        35 developers isn’t straight for 6 months as amsterdamsters said. I don’t think it’s fair from the developer to underline that 35 people worked on it since most would have barely touched it.

    3. Especially given its a remaster/remake of an old NES game. It’s not even an original game.

      At least it’s only a couple bucks more than a typical VC game.

  1. Got the game near launch. Really enjoyed it. And with the DLC they’re releasing, (and it’s free!) the new characters makes each playthrough different, since the DLC characters have different abilities and weapons. Great game overall.

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