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UK: The Extra Nintendo Switch Dock Is Available On Amazon But Costs £80

If you live in the United Kingdom you may have seen that the extra Nintendo Switch dock is now available to pre-order on Amazon UK. However, if you want one it will cost you £79.99. The bundle includes the Nintendo Switch dock, AC Adapter and HDMI Cable. The item will be released on June 23rd and is available for pre-order, right now.


  1. I’ts costing 110€ over here.
    I think I will buy another Switch before I buy extra dock.
    That price needs to go down to 60-80€ before I’ll go for one.

  2. $130 in australia. What happened to the nintendo I liked and wasnt a f’ing joke. Hope the switch fails and all the people in charge get fired.

    1. If you think it is overpriced then make you one. Get all the parts in a dock and then make you a dock. Then you will know if it is overpriced.

      1. Remember when nintendo said the switch wouldnt replace the wii u? Do you have an answer for that or are you going to continue being mr pedantic. You cant defend all of nintendo’s bs dude.

        1. You call it defending when I’m not. It is simple as that. You don’t have to buy the parts just research what it cost them to make it and find the markup they using. This is how you find out if a product is overpriced or not. Reason why I say from Japan is so you can see what it cost to come into your country. It’s just math is what I’m suggesting. I’ve done my research for my country and it has a normal business markup

      1. Here’s another catch. The switch and ps4 cost the same amount in the u.s.a. Here it costs $339 for a ps4 and the switch is $469. Kindly remove your head from nintendo’s @ss. Thank you.

        1. Again, you don’t know the cost and the mark up. Was that the PS4 price when it was launched in your country? Do you know if Sony is making a profit or a loss? If so how much profit or loss. Making a price comparison the way you doing it doesn’t make sense if you don’t know the why. I’m not a nintendo, sony, microsoft, nor pc fan. I’m a gaming fan. Even if this was about another company my response would be the same.

          1. Why are you comparing launch prices? Dude, the switch is barely more powerful than the wii u and the gamepad is what kept the wii u so expensive. The ps4 destroyed the wii u 3-4 years ago and the switch isnt much better. There is no way the switch should cost more than a ps4 let alone $150 more. That is pure f’ing greed and you know it.

            1. You don’t understand pricing it seems. PS4 has had price cuts. How much is PS4 to make and much it cost to bring to your country. Same with switch. It’s not as simple as saying product A cost more than product B so product A is greedy.

                1. In order words you don’t know the pricing so you guessing. You do know that jaguar cup is older than tegra. You do there are parts in the joycons. You do know companies get different pricing for manufacturing. It’s not just this is stronger than this and it should be cheaper because it is weaker.

                  1. I said was much weaker than the ps4 and then said portability is what could match the ps4 in price. The joy cons are expensive. Whats your point? They’re expensive in every country. The switch doesnt cost $150 more than a ps4 in every country though.

                    1. Each country has a different import tax. Do Nintendo have manufacturing in your country? What is the import tax in your country? Also you don’t know how much weaker it is unless you are developing a game for both. It’s not like the PS4 is some power house. It wasn’t a strong console when it launch. Back to your point. It is expensive to you and that’s what matter to you. It’s not expensive for me in my country. You have options on whether to buy it or not. My point is you have to know pricing of parts and their markup price to know how expensive something is. Honestly everything is expensive to someone that’s why we have the ability to buy or not buy.

    2. you really love leaving stupid comments huh? the switch comes with a dock as it is. this one is optional. get over it, and accept the switch isn’t failing.

  3. I saw a great comment on twitter in regards to this extra dock accessory and it went something like this:

    “You might be lazy but are you 90 dollar lazy?”

    1. ||Worth more than you The Puppy Who Lost His Way…||

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