Famitsu Readers Vote Overwatch Over Splatoon As Best First And Third Person Shooter

Japanese publication Weekly Famitsu has asked its readers to vote for their favourite first and third person shooters of all-time, which isn’t an easy task. The results are now in and it is Overwatch which has come out top beating the likes of Splatoon and GoldenEye 007 as the best shooter. Next month’s edition of the magazine will be asking readers to vote for their favourite action adventure game, so that will be interesting too. Here’s the results for the best first and third person shooter of all-time:

20. Doom (Super Famicom/Mega Drive/3DO/N64/PSX/SS/PC) – 18 pt
19. SIMPLE 200 Series Vol.81 THE Earth Defense Force (PS2) – 19 pt
18. Gears of War (360) – 21 pt
17. Biohazard 4 (GameCube/Wii/PS2/PS3/PS4/360/XBO/PC) – 23 pt
16. Call of Duty: Black Ops III (PS3/PS4/360/XBO/PC) – 26 pt
15. Destiny (PS3/PS4) – 29 pt
14. The Last of Us (PS3/PS4) – 30 pt
13. Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3/360/PC) – 33 pt
12. Left 4 Dead 2 (360) – 35 pt
11. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3/360/PC/DS) – 36 pt
10. Titanfall 2 (PS4/XBO/PC) – 39 pt
09. Alliance of Valiant Arms (PC) – 41 pt
08. Battlefield 1 (PS4/XBO/PC) – 46 pt
07. Battlefield 4 (PS4/PS3/XBO/360/PC) – 51 pt
06. Massive Action Game (PS3) – 55 pt
05. Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair (PS4/PC) – 59 pt
04. Goldeneye 007 (N64/Wii) – 62 pt
03. Rainbow Six Siege (PS4/XBO/PC) – 71 pt
02. Splatoon (Wii U) – 89 pt
01. Overwatch (PS4/PC) – 96 pt.



    1. In fact the question is. What’s your favorite FPS or TPS videogame?

      Here’s their answer. And for what I see it’s a really good voting.

      Come on guys one game is from Blizzard and one is from Nintendo. 2 of the biggest videogame company around the world.

        1. I would, thank you, but I have to get to bed now, real life responsibilities again tomorrow.

            1. You’ll find out for yourself, sooner or later.
              Enjoy while you’re young it won’t last forever, and if you are not prepared, reality will punch you in the face real hard

  1. Only problem I have with that list is Rainbow Six Siege being at third place.
    I’ts not bad, but certainly not 3rd place good.

    1. Its also Japan.

      Its freaking odd that BF and CoD are even on that list.

      Also MAG is on that list aswell. MAG!! That game almost killed Zipper.

      1. I kinda liked mag,despite it being a lie, it was fun with P’s move.
        And Japanese players weren’t an odd sight there.

    1. That’s why Blizzard have to give Overwatch to the Nintendo Switch.

      Well at least they decided to not pubblish any other events and concetrate on the story or the structure of the game.

      Maybe they want to dedicate more time on porting the game on the Switch?

        1. At that time Blizzard it wasn’t on the list and here’s why.

          They actually want to see if the Switch seels very well and this part Nintendo already succeed. Now it’s about the games.

          Also you have to think Blizzard is with Activion by some sort of alliance. So if you see a game created by Activision you have to consider also Blizzard.

          Let’s hope in the future. For now it seems the Overwatch team want to spend more time on the story than the events.

    1. Trust me my friend. It’s an amazing. And it will be more amazing if it appear on the Nintendo Switch with Nintendo Skin theme on their characters.

      Please Mister Jeff do this favor to me.

  2. Splatoon is my favorite 3PS hands down. But…..
    Ive played OVERWATCH & OMG!! That’s a bad mutha %#!$$

    Screw Destiny! Give me OVERWATCH ON THE SWITCH!

    1. Every time somebody says that a game requires no skill, it’s because they have no skill. Just an observation.

      1. That guy is someone who plays Overwatch and always lose. Then he plays Paladins or other FPS and think these games are better because he only hates Overwatch.

  3. Can’t say I agree with a lot of this list, but Overwatch and Splatoon earned their respective places, I think.

    1. Yes exactly. Splatoon earned his place for innovative mode of gameplay on an TPS.

      Overwatch gets so many critics starting as a TF3, later a copy of Paladins and who knows in the future.

      For me it’s a really good game.

  4. Just played Overwatch for the first time today. I can see why it’d be voted first. I was a bit dissapointed though. I was expecting something more like a typical MOBA though. Still a great game.

    1. Well when I played last year I was dissapointing for one think. The single player mode. Come on a campaign for that game it will be good.

      1. Considering most of the campaign would likely take place in the Overwatch world’s past like what Uprising’s co-op mode was, I feel something like that would be an expansion pack to the game like all the expansions for WoW.

        Still, it’d be cool to see the first battles of Morrison, Reyes, Amari, etc.

        1. MAN that mission is totally awesome and also very diffucult. I never finished the mission at Impossible or Brutal I don’t remember now. That’s one of my favorite event of Overwatch.

          The Anniversary event is cool but some skins are horrible.

    1. Well depends how many hours you play every day. If I play every day 4 or 5 hours it’s normal that I get bored to play the game.

      1. I rarely get bored based on hours though. I’ve got thousands clocked into pokemon, monster hunter and tf2. I think it was more that the content in Overwatch seemed lacking and the skill ceiling felt painfully low.

    1. They don’t said that. They want to see if the System sells well and also their problem is the ecosystem for bringing the patch to the Switch.

      Think they have to distribute new patches for PC and 2 consoles. If they add a third console to work it probably lose the control of how the games have to work on all platforms.

      For now I heard after this Anniversary event they will not do any other events during the year. So it probably means they will have to time to concetrate on the story and also for try to bring the game on the Switch.

      Who knows.

  5. Considering Splatoon isn’t a traditional shooter and it beat out the likes of Call of Duty, The Last Of Us, Destiny and even Goldeneye 007 I’d say second is still pretty awesome! I personally prefer it to Overwatch hands-down.

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