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Samsung Announces TV Firmware Update To Help Switch Owners

The Nintendo Switch is a revolutionary device for letting players seamlessly move from handheld mode to an HDMI connection. However, the originality of the idea meant that some companies weren’t prepared for it. Samsung’s TVs feature an automatic HDMI switching system, swapping between channels when certain devices are in use. The Switch’s unique design confuses the system though, the TV rapidly switching between HDMI channels when the console is docked. Luckily, Samsung has responded by announcing a firmware update. Have you had this issue? Tell us below.

“Samsung has been following the comments on our Community Thread and we will be issuing a Firmware update early this summer that will address this behavior and provide the level of convenience that was intended.”

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28 thoughts on “Samsung Announces TV Firmware Update To Help Switch Owners”

  1. For me it works great with my Samsung TV, however sometimes when I turn on the Switch with my Pro Controller it also starts up my PS4, which can be annoying as I need to power it off and manually select the right input…

    Hope this update solves that issue for me!

    1. The Pro Controller uses bluetooth, just like the PS4 controllers. Maybe syncing it with the Switch again may clear up the interference. If it’s a problem you could try shutting the PS4 off completely rather than putting it in standby/sleep mode. If I remember right you can’t turn the PS4 on from a controller if it’s in standby/sleep mode.

    1. It is. The switch is the biggest issue though. There’s been a thread on the Samsung forums complaining about this for over a year and the switch complaints start about midway through the thread. My Apple TV does it but not enough to complain. My switch causes the tv to switch inputs every 5 minutes or so. I have to pull the hdmi.

      1. I don’t know anything about the signaling of HDMI, but perhaps the Switch sends the signal identifying itself periodically. Maybe even as a feature. Then the TV sees that signal and immediately switches to that input thinking that you just turned on a new device, not realizing it was there all along.

  2. I have a LG TV that has a pop-up when a HDMI device is turned on regardless of what input you’re currently on. This happens at times when the Switch sends a notification of some sort out..I think when it’s fully charged, not sure when else.

    1. I also have a LG, and do you mean that the switch HDMI port pops up as active? I have that to, that it starts popping up shortly at seemingly random times.. It’s quite annoying if you ask me

  3. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||If they now could fix their machines and stability too then it would be even better…||

  4. I have a Panasonic TV, from the time Panasonic still made decent TV’s.
    Absolutely no problems at all on my end.
    Now I got my Switch to wake up TV, and the TV to wake up my Pioneer AMP.
    Though I hate it when I stop playing in handheld mode, and I do not sleep mode the console before docking and it wakes up all my devices.

  5. I’ve been having these issues. There is a workaround for this, just hold the power button down on the Switch when it’s docked and select power off rather than standby/sleep mode. You won’t be able to charge your joy cons while the Switch is power off while docked, but it will stop the constant hdmi changing when you’re trying to do something else. Fyi you can’t turn the Switch off by hold the home button on the joy con or pro controller, you can only turn it off by holding the power button down on the top of the Switch handheld itself.

  6. My LG does it from time to time. Now if you excuse me I need to practice my rhymes. If Grunty doesnt rhyme, then it is a crime. Excuse me while I go feed Klungo his favorite meal….horse slime.

  7. I’ve had a slight issue with my Samsung tv, but it’s easily dealt with. After automatically switching to the Switch, a few seconds pass and then a pop-up shows up that I then have to close down with my tv remote. Hopefully that update will fix that, to make the transition more seamless. I’m not too bothered either way, though.

    Also, I never figured out if it was my tv or the Switch itself, but when pausing BotW or even when watching a lengthy cutscene, the screen dims after a while, entering some kind of power save mode. It happening when I’ve paused it and been idle for a while doesn’t bother me, but it’s annoying when it happens during a cutscene.

  8. My Samsung has worked fine with my Switch. Once it desynced or something but I unplugged the tv and it’s worked fine ever since. The weirdness is my PS4 started changing my channel automatically when I turn it on after I got my Switch . Didn’t even know it could do that… Like the Switched made the Samsung tv work as it was intended lol XD

  9. I have the 8 series Samsung TV and even if Switch was off, i was watching Netflix or so and it would change to HDMI source connected to Switch, although the system was never on, very annoying at times.

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