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ARMS Priced At £49.99 On UK eShop With A 2.2GB File Size

The ‘Coming Soon’ Section on the Nintendo Switch eShop now lists the up-coming fighter, ARMS. It’ll cost those in the UK £49.99 but what’s more interesting (and substantially smaller, thankfully) is the file size for the digital version of the title. ARMS is coming in at mere 2.2gb so you most likely won’t have to venture online or in-store to find yourself a memory card to accommodate.


Will you be picking up ARMS at launch or keeping it at ‘arms length’ until you’ve tried the demo? Sorry…

Thanks to aftheblackguy on Reddit for pointing this out.




  1. OMG There it is !! Article for arms!! Here comes the Anoobis, the Devil cat call the game ” so stupid,”
    Then Thanos after him saying “Nintendo again make a game only for Kids and switch is only for stupid cartoon Graphics…And the Sasorina says:” ……………….” The the Commandrone make hes apperiance last to destroy all the trolls. (keep dreaming anyway:P)


  2. Anyone familiar with game development can easily tell you that textures in a higher resolution require a lot more space. since Arms is only a fighting game and only has a max resolution of 1080p docked then it shouldn’t really be that much in regards to memory occupation. Now if it were going up to 4k then we’ed have a problem on our hands lol:D This size for a handheld fighting game is common really.


      1. Don’t said that. If Microsoft can only give freedom to Rare, then Playtonic will do something with Banjo and you.

        I still want to see Banjo-Threeie.

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