Nintendo Switch

The ARMS Global Testpunch Has Begun

If you’ve been craving to play ARMS, now is your chance. Round 1 of the ARMS Global Testpunch has recently taken place, with five more rounds coming up during the course of the weekend. Each of these rounds are sessions where Nintendo Switch owners can try out the game, with more sessions occurring next week. Round 2 will begin in about 11 hours and round 3 takes place 6 hours after that, so if you couldn’t play now, you’ll have multiple opportunities throughout the day tomorrow.




  1. The game is alot of fun. Definitely tiring if you play it for an extended period. I found the traditional controls fine actually. This may have persuaded me to pick it up!


  2. the motion controls don’t work well in a gaming chair like mine, since your motions kind of mix up with the motions of your chair, but otherwise it was fun. i can definitely see how it will be a fun and competitive game.


  3. I enjoyed it, but I definitely need more time to get used to the motion controls- I’m not used to holding my Joy-Cons straight up so I wound up curving my punches without realizing it or intending to. I think grabs need a nerf because that’s all a lot of players tried to do because they do so much damage!

    Also would have been nice to know holding the dash button also lets you charge punches BEFORE getting wiped several matches in a row.


  4. Really wish I had a Switch now. I tried to buy one, but they are all sold out. So sad :(

    I don’t want to pay for the console overpriced either, so I’m just going to have to wait. Which means, I’ll miss out on the ARMS test fire and I’ll have to keep staying away from any sort of news that might spoil Zelda!!


      1. Dang that’s crazy ! I thought I was a gamer a could play anything but ARMS w/motion stumped me :(. My ands naturally went horizontal when I punched so my arms were always punch in a curve lol. I’m gonna give the standard controller a shot on Saturdays test and hope I do better. Regardless it was a blast though ;)

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    1. They’re going to take quite some time to become adjusted to, I believe, at least in my case.

      I didn’t win much either- I even had matches where I couldn’t hit my opponent at all (and one where the only damage I took was from one grab), and any team battles I had I felt like my teammate was carrying lol

      Whatevs, I’m looking at this as extra practice.

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      1. Lol, I was the same way. It felt I couldn’t hit them and I could stop myself from getting hit. Everytime I tried blocking I got thrown… I’m gonna have to work on my reactions because ppl seemed to be reading everything I was doing lol. I’m gonna try the standard controller on Saturdays test punch but I’d like to improve with motion controls cuz I fell that how ARMS is meant to be played..

        It’s good there’s other control options though just incase I don’t get the motion controls down.

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  5. It was awesome and the motion controls worked really well!…plus I dont understand how people don’t have a Switch, there’s a few in shops here, and a couple dozen second hand lol

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    1. Cuz people still saying Nintendo it’s a bad console, they don’t how to do videogames and the console is for kids.

      But we know Nintendo make and have made consoles for all ages.

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