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“Something Big” Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch Version Of NBA Playgrounds

It looks like NBA Playgrounds players on Nintendo Switch can look forward to some sort of exciting news. Saber Interactive has announced that it has “something big” planned for the Switch version of the basketball video game. The developer is hoping that this tease will be revealed soon and that it will make up for the lack of online features. Here’s what Saber Interactive’s Matthew Karch had to say on the matter:

We have something big in the works for Switch owners as a “make good.” I can’t share it now but I hope to be able to announce it by Saturday. I promise it is coming soon and more.


20 thoughts on ““Something Big” Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch Version Of NBA Playgrounds”

    1. honestly Im thinking the same thing I was just playing team mario allstar today on NBA Street and when I seen the article I was like please let that be a feautre again but honestly I want more than mario luigi and peach to be in there more

  1. plumbertimebitch

    So are they getting online at some point? I was about to purchase the game but after finding out about no online I never bothered

  2. Hope it’s an improvement to the game overall. The shooting is terrible. You have characters that are better than others at shooting and you’ll find that it makes no difference in how many shots you land per game.

  3. Too bad! I already got a refund for this game… I’m sorry meant to say trash! Loading times were way too long. Breath of the Wild loads faster than this POS! It’s about almost a minute to play one game. Frame rate dips, no online and AI was pretty bad.

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