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Ironcast Coming To Nintendo Switch This Summer

Ripstone Publishing and Dreadbit have today announced that Ironcast is coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer. Ironcast is a turn based strategy game set around the Victorian times. There’s permadeath and also more than 50 unlockable items. The developers behind the game have fully utilised the game around the Nintendo Switch so it naturally features HD Rumble and touchscreen support.


12 thoughts on “Ironcast Coming To Nintendo Switch This Summer”

    1. haha thought the same thing in recent days. The direct might just be a compilation of trailers we’ve already seen + 2-3 nintendo-secrets. Which would be OK if one of them would be a bombshell like Metroid and/or Smash. But I wouldn’t expect a surprise fest either.

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  2. Is this one of those chash grabbing free2play tablet games? Because it damn sure looks like it!

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