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Here’s A Look At The Bonuses You’ll Get When You Buy Cave Story+ At Retail

Nicalis Inc. has provided us with a better look at what you can expect to get your hands on when you buy Cave Story+ for the Nintendo Switch at retail. With the glorious box art, microfiber pouch and a mini disc filled with the games’ soundtrack; it is certainly one to pick up at launch. Check out the tweets below to see all the goodies for yourself:

Hurrah! An instruction booklet!

A keyring will also be available if you pre-order from GameStop. So be quick if you want to get the extra bonus item.

I’ve reached out to Nicalis Inc. to see if we will get the same treatment in Europe but yet to hear back.


11 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At The Bonuses You’ll Get When You Buy Cave Story+ At Retail”

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    1. Maybe not in gameplay- it’s about as Metroidvania as it gets- but it’s impressive in that the whole game was made by just one guy. The story, the programming, level design, music, all of it, over the course of five years in his spare time. And when he put it out there the first time in 2003, he didn’t charge a dime for it.

      It’s gone through a lot of revitalization and there are priced packages of the game now (that add things like seasonal skins, bonus Wind Fortress level, boss rush, Curly Story, etc.). I have Cave Story+ on Steam and it’s worth every penny.

    2. It’s not only an excellent action adventure platformer with unique gun-based mechanics, it’s got a sweet and homey sensibility with both comical and oddly touching moments. Music is also stupidly good.

  2. I got the 3DS retail game; Cave Story 3D. It has 120 million polygon graphics, and plays in 180 refresh rate (60 fps per image) in glasses-free stereoscopic 3D and I love it. The graphics are smooth and well rounded I might add.

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