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Here’s Some New Gameplay Footage For Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Vers.

Thanks to a recent live stream session from Capcom, we now have a better look at Monster Hunter XX  for the Nintendo Switch. The game is certainly shaping up to be great and is sure to please fans when it’s released. Hopefully we’ll hear about a release date for territories that are outside Japan soon.

Check out the footage from the live stream below:

Thanks to Snorth93 for the video and the tip!


  1. I never could get into monster hunter . I like the monster part of it and the hunting part of it but it’s just too time consuming lol

    1. I felt the same way. You need a good trainer. A hunter named Hero trained me, patiently, for months. Now I’m hooked. True Story.
      Also, the WiiU version is the only way to train. The in game voice chat is invaluable. We still boot the WiiU MH3U so we can chat while playing Generations.

  2. So, someone educate me. XX is a 3DS game that’s being ported to the Switch, or is it law that every Monster Hunter looks like a PS2 game?

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