Nintendo Switch

The Mummy: Demastered Coming To Nintendo Switch By WayForward

The Mummy Demastered from WayForward, known for pixel games that bring the look and fun of classic arcades to modern consoles, is a platforming adventure game based on The Mummy. Launching in late August 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam, players will enter a world of evil as an elite Prodigium agent who is tasked to take down Princess Ahmanet’s army of the undead and save the world at any cost. Players will explore dark forests, maze-like military compounds and the sandstorm-filled streets of London in this retro-inspired adventure.



  1. P3. Has anyone seen the movie yet? I’ve only seen a couple trailers, but from those, it looks like an action packed mess.

    In any case, I like Wayforward. Hope this does well.


  2. … No thanks. I’ll be fine with the movie alone which I’ll go see in theaters on a night my wife doesn’t have work. If it’s a success & I personally enjoy it, I refuse to miss the first movie in a new cinematic universe as I missed the one that kicked off Marvel’s, DC’s, & WB/Toho’s MonsterVerse this time around! Of course, with the logo at the beginning of the movie pointing out it’s the start of a reboot of Univeral’s Monster Universe, and unless it’s a total bomb & an utterly horrible movie that no one likes, they better make another movie after it. They made a promise so now it’s time to deliver, for better or for worse!


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