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Universal Says That A Mario Kart Ride Is Coming To Super Nintendo World

Nintendo fans dreams will certainly come true with the upcoming Super Nintendo World attraction. News emerged today that the Nintendo themed attraction will feature a Super Mario Kart themed ride which is sure to be a huge hit with visitors. Mario Kart Experience is set to be one of the major attractions at Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan when it opens in 2020.

“It gives me particularly great pleasure to make an announcement that we know the fans have been waiting for. And that is to tell the world know that a key part of Super Nintendo World will be the Mario Kart Experience, “ said Mark Woodbury, vice chairman of Universal Parks & Resorts.

“Together we have been working to make Mario Kart Experience an attraction that is unlike any that the world has ever seen, the most immersive and cutting-edge technological attraction that we could have possibly have imagined,” he said. “We know the fans and our guests are going to be thrilled to experience it.”

“Guests will be able to enter a world of excitement where they will feel as if they are playing inside Nintendo video games, said Miyamoto, according to translation superimposed on the video.


Thanks to Mike S and LMAOSHMSFO for the tip!

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    ||My human puppet will do the Nelson Muntz attack on everybody…||

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