Nintendo Switch

Rocket League Developer Hoping To Get Switch Version Running At 60FPS

During Nintendo’s E3 Presentation, the company announced that Rocket League would be coming to the Switch. This is huge news for Nintendo fans, the indie game is incredibly popular on other systems. In an interview with Polygon, Rocket League’s developer talked about their aims with the Switch version of the game. According to Jeremy Dunham, the game will hopefully run at 60FPS in docked and undocked mode. Hopefully they’ll achieve their goal, as fast paced games like Rocket League always work better with a higher frame rate. Check out Polygon’s interview with Dunham here.




  1. Mario Kart 8 far more detailed than Rocket League as well as 12 Karts and characters and insane amount of items on screen at all times. Stages have a lot more happening in the background so I hope they don’t have a problem hitting it… The only thing I think will be an issue is the grass in Rocket League but I’ve seen it work with Zelda and Xenoblade and Snake Pass so it should work on Switch (I hope)


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