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Koopa Troopa And Goomba Amiibo Announced For Super Mario Collection

As E3 continues for Nintendo, more and more exciting announcements keep rolling in. Nintendo has just revealed two new amiibo coming to the Super Mario Collection, Koopa Troopa and Goomba. These two characters have been around since 1985, so it’s nice to finally see them getting official amiibo. We haven’t heard what game these amiibo will work with yet, but Super Mario Odyssey is a solid guess. Check out a picture below.


  1. Neat. So these are the amiibo that will clog the store shelves because no one will want to buy them, while the Zelda and Fire Emblem ones instantly sell out through pre-order.

    1. You forgot to mention the wedding Mario, Peach, & Bowser amiibo. They’ll probably be numerous, too.

      1. Although, I will be getting that bride Peach amiibo.

      2. Yeah, I expect those to sell a bit better at first and then dry up. They’ll look right at home next to all the Animal Crossing ones too. Yuck.

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