Nintendo Switch

Rocket League For Switch Pre-Orders Now Available On Amazon US

Following on from the announcement of Rocket League coming to the Switch at the E3 Nintendo Spotlight today, the pre-orders are also now live on the Amazon US website.

The “release date” on the website shows as 29th December 2017, but may not be indicative of the official release date for the game as this hasn’t been announced at this stage.

You can pre-order your copy for $59.99 here.




  1. Because Nintendo set the bar so low for their Directs in recent years, I came in with the least expectations possible. Yet Nintendo still managed to disappoint me as every year.

    I knew that for the big part they are going to show new trailers of games that we already know are coming. I also expected a few new Switch announcements for 3rd-party games, BUT NO! Except for Rocket League there’s nothing new!

    There were ZERO surprises in the Direct! And before you scream out that they announced Metroid Prime 4, I predicted this to happen! But I expected to see a trailer for MP4 and a 2018 release date and not just a logo, BUT NO!

    I hoped that they are NOT going to announce another Kirby and Yoshi game, BUT NO, they did it anyway!

    I expected them to announce one or two creative games like a puzzle or
    party game (even though I wouldn’t be interested), BUT NO!

    I hoped for at least one new 3rd-party exclusive, BUT NO!

    Also that Zelda DLC is not worth $20!

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    1. Everything you said could be arguable and is really subjective BUT

      for both DLC packs, a SINGLE payment of $20 is worth it. you’ll get a new hard mode with a new trial and more content and after that you’re getting a new original story with possibly even more content that we don’t know about because they haven’t reveal much details about it yet, Geez man what more do you need to justify $20?


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