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Super Mario Odyssey Coming To Nintendo Switch On October 27th

Nintendo has confirmed today during their Spotlight E3 presentation that Super Mario Odyssey will be arriving on Nintendo Switch in October. Many were expecting the game in November but instead it is coming on October 27th 2017. The game is currently being showcased during the Treehouse presentation which is on right now.


  1. So far. Worst E3 presence this year. Apart from Odyssey, games look like utter crap.
    Metroid Prime 4 (AMAZING, love this series) nothing shown.
    Kirby, Fir Emblem all the others……………. just glorified 3DS titles.
    No smash
    No Platinum games announcement.
    Best thing about this direct HARDLY ANY REGGIE

    1. Well it’s still the best, though yes, a bit more variety would have been helped but definitely they got the best games overall. No third parties unfortunately, and we kew we will have inherited 3DS games, it isn’t bad per se.

    2. A big game every month for the rest of the year, Zelda already out and getting DLC, ARMS in a few days, Metroid and Pokémon down the line. New Kirby and Yoshi in 2018. How was this a bad showing?

    3. I wouldn’t say they are the worst… but I wouldn’t say they are the best, either, at E3. As for Reggie, I feel there still was plenty enough of him to make me skip a good 5-7 minutes of the video.

    1. I second that! And people wanted a 3rd Galaxy… No thanks. 2 games is enough. (Now if they’d just do a Sunshine 2 to balance things out…)

      1. I’d still love to play the original sunshine and mansion on the switch with special analog trigger joycons. I’m still patiently waiting for that gcn vc announcement lol

  2. At first I was like, “wtf, Jurassic Park?”

    Now I’m hyped as hell. I get to play as a T-Rex!!!

    1. I thought it was Monster Hunter XX for a second (because I’m not very familiar with the series), so I skipped a bit ahead and saw Mario’s hat and audibly said, “WAIT, WHAT?!”

  3. I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this game but after seeing this trailer and the kingdom battle game… Nintendo made one hell of a comeback.

  4. Because Nintendo set the bar so low for their Directs in recent years, I came in with the least expectations possible. Yet Nintendo still managed to disappoint me as every year.

    I knew that for the big part they are going to show new trailers of games that we already know are coming. I also expected a few new trailers from unannounced multi-plat games, BUT NO! Except for Rocket League there’s nothing new!
    There were ZERO surprises in the direct! And before you scream out that they announced Metroid Prime 4, I predicted this to happen! But I expected to see a trailer for MP4 and a 2018 release date, BUT NO!
    I hoped that they are NOT going to announce another Kirby and Yoshi game, BUT NO, they did it anyway!
    I expected them to announce one or two creative games like a puzzle or party game (even though I wouldn’t be interested), BUT NO!
    Also that Zelda DLC is not worth $20!

    1. There was definitely a lot to be desired from Nintendo this E3. Still, I enjoyed the trailers for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Mario Odyssey, & Fire Emblem Warriors (the lack of Lyndis is a huge disappointment, though…)

  5. Metroid Prime 4, Pokemon confirmed to be making the ‘switch’, Mario Odyssey looks like it will be the best 3D Mario of all time…. hold me!

  6. Nintendo is pushing all boundaries and breaking all the Mario rules with this game and I’m LOVING it.

  7. Odyssey releases earlier than expected. Even better, that’s like a week after my birthday.

    I think I know what I’m asking my friends for this year, mwahahaha.

  8. *spews drink all over the place* W-what!? Crap, crap, crap! I hope Assassin’s Creed Origins & Super Mario Odyssey are the only games I want coming in October. If there end up being more… My poor, poor wallet! D:

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