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2 Player Co-Op Has Been Confirmed For Super Mario Odyssey

In today’s Nintendo Treehouse live stream, Nintendo has confirmed that 2 player co-op is indeed present in Super Mario Odyssey. One player moves Cappy whilst being able to float around and take flight around Mario. Whilst playing as Cappy players can also grab hard-to-reach items. The other player moves Mario and controls the camera. Other control methods haven’t been discussed yet but holding the Joy-Con horizontally is how they’ve showcased 2 player co-op so far.




      1. It is a good tool if you’re playing with a kid or someone inexperienced in games, either way I honestly don’t see how they could apply co-op to this game without drastically changing the level design or leaving the open world aspect, better keep it this way for the sake of the Single Player.

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  1. Local coop would be fun, but if it’s online coop, then that could be huge. I’m not even going to utter the words **voice chat**, but being able to play this game, coop online would draw a lot of attention.

    It’s probably just local, but Even I might pick up a Mario game if I could play online with friends and family.

    My family is moving out of state, and online gaming and voice chat is how we catch up every month or two. Kinda like a fancy phone call.

    I would Love an excuse to show them the Switch could be an option. Mario is probably not the best opportunity for this, but I’m very interested to see what online gaming and voice chat look like with Nintendo new online infrustructure.

    I’m having trouble focusing at work today. sorry to be spamming the comment section. XD


      1. I see. Due to the way the camera is positioned. It kinda reminds me of super Mario world or whatever that shit is called


  2. Good thing I’m a single player. And this game is still breathtaking, with or without co-op. Plus it says true to 64 and Sunshine. And unlike SSB, there’s no set of heavy demands and expectations (where characters and content get cut and left out, but literal clones get in). And because it’s Nintendo, of course it’s going to have good gameplay, in addition to extra polish to make sure it DOES NOT suck.


  3. I wish co-op was more like the old days. You know, the type where Player 2 gets his/her own character, has its own lives, doesn’t rely on Player 1, and can join in/buy-in at any time. I miss those days.


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