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Capcom Responds To GameSpot And Says No Plans For Monster Hunter XX “At This Time”

Well it’s all getting rather confusing with GameSpot stating that Capcom told them that they have no plans to localise Monster Hunter XX for the Nintendo Switch in the west. Now the official Monster Hunter account has replied to their tweet and say that they simply have nothing to announce at this moment in time. This means that there’s a slight chance that the game could eventually be localised for the west.



    1. It really does feel like an attempt at damage control after having things blow up in their faces. Their thinking is probably if they get us to calm down we’ll give their new game a chance, but the portability was one of the things I liked best about the series on 3DS so MH World is a big miss for me.

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    1. ||Especially since our people gave them great successes for their weapons for years, this is clearly a vendetta of some kind manipulated by a third party…||

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      1. ||Because they cannot stand that we still exist and thrive, the Electrons are the ones infecting the others with this thought process and with the Xbots, they have the perfect alliance to promote their anti-Nintendo agenda they have had in almost 30 years now…||

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      2. But still they didn’t beat us. Also I think, with this cross-play on Minecraft, I can do some sort of gaming war for bring back Banjo Kazooie for Nintendo?


      3. Something doesn’t seem right. I feel like Capcom has made a killing thanks to WiiU and 3DS versions of monster hunter.

        WiiU’s MH3U still has a strong following.

        My logical brain is having trouble building a case where this lack of MH on Nintendo hardware makes sense.

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      4. ||Nothing they have said and done these two last months have any logic to them, there must be a third party involved…||


  1. I personally am not a fan of Monster Hunter, but I am bewildered by the lack of support for the Switch as much as everyone else. MH took the 3DS by storm and received massive support from Nintendo fans all over the world.

    The Switch has been a massive hit as well and it seems most games that are put on the console are selling extremely well. So, one would think it would make sense to put MHW on the Switch.

    My only guesses are, 1) the game was in development BEFORE the Switch was popular and the game was intended to be home console-only, but CAPCOM felt as thought i would not sell well on Switch (but, only now has the climate changed on profitability).
    2) The creators want to take full advantage of the most powerful hardware out right now with this entry and the Switch just can’t run what they want to put out so they made the decision to not support the console with this entry.

    Either way, it would make sense to work tirelessly to continue Nintendo support, because why risk losing a fan-base through alienation just to make a “powerful-looking” game. Typically profits drive business decisions and right now, as a business decision, NOT supporting Switch is a bad one.

    **This analysis also goes for all the other 3rd party multiplats that are skipping the Switch as of this E3. Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, etc. They really should ALL be on Switch. Nintendo did their job and made a powerful console with a rapidly growing install base. 3rd party companies should WANT to put out on the Switch.


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