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Here’s Some Details On The “Nintendo Switch Online Lounge App”

Some NeoGAF users have discovered new details on the Nintendo Switch’s Online Lounge App by fiddling around with the Nintendo Switch console, including its name. Indeed, the app is 100% needed for lobbies and chat.

Most of the discoveries, however, involved some hints on how it will work. Buried in the console is, to some degree, the lobby function. The function is done via a web applet that is makes requests towards a page that is hosted the official domain Nintendo uses for their network. The following message was also discovered in the source code of that page:

Your room has been created.

You can invite friends to the room via
the Nintendo Switch Online Lounge app.

There was also strings discovered:

Code for friends to join the room without an invitation

Allow Nintendo Switch friends to join the room using a code

You can use the pre-release version of the service for free

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge

Invite friends and enjoy voice chat while gaming, all via your smart device!

The Nintendo Switch Online Lounge app is required to use this feature

Send Notification to My Smart Device

You can use voice chat from the Nintendo Switch Online Lounge app.

Your room has been created.


35 thoughts on “Here’s Some Details On The “Nintendo Switch Online Lounge App””

      1. Lel, Nintendo wants that to be the demographic I guess.
        I am actually having a hard time understanding this whole “APP” concept, it is so dumb and outdated.
        Its forcing my perception decades back in time. [Which is kinda weird considering this is using current technology.]

  1. Eh… I don’t usually make rooms for chat in my ps4… so this for me is something that doesn’t bother me at all.
    If i play online, i never use a headset because of the squeakers… god i hate going online and listening to little kids cursing and crying….
    And it’s really rare for me to play with my actual friends. Relationships and jobs can get in the way most of the time.

    1. That’s why there’s a mute button. This app basically sounds pointless and a waste of battery​. It also sounds like it has no bearing to actually playing online with friends. Don’t Care what anyone says, whoever things this is a good idea is stupid. and just because it doesn’t bother you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother someone else (speaking in general, not to you exactly). This app is stupid and especially with those who have iPhone 7’s and don’t have a headphone jack. Again, 2017, why are we not using the device to party chat instead of using a phone?

      1. Eh… I seriously don’t know…
        It should be a feature that it should be already implemented. Nintendo is still afraid for child safety, and that is ok. But as i mentioned before, i wouldn’t even use it if it had it. I rarely play with my friends and use voice chat…

  2. Because, I’m sick and tired of being banned just because I sound like I was bullying. I WASN’T! I WAS JUST BEING SARCASTIC YOU IDIOT BOTS THAT ARE “ADMINS” OF MIIVERSE!

      1. Good one. Yeah, I used to love Miiverse! Till they permabanned me for badmouthing Bayonetta. Yes, Bayonetta, I bad mothed her for stealing Banjo & Kazooie’s spot in Smash! AND THEY STUPIDLY BANNED ME FOR IT! OH, THEN MY SECOND USER GOT BANNED BECAUSE I WAS SARCASTICALLY TELLING OFF SOMEONE FOR OFFENDING ME BY CALLING PEOPLE AUTISTIC BECAUSE I ACTUALLY HAVE AUTISM! AND THEY HAD THE NERVE TO CONSOLE BAN ME! Well, phooey on those STUPID admins, as I’m now happily awaiting this here replacement. After I get my Switch first. And hope that my Android tablet is compatible with it.

    1. Got banned for giving my PSN account to my friend using Mii Verse. Also got my profile banned because I wrote “this is why other third party companies don’t take you seriously. You treat your entire install base like kids to cater to kids when your install base isn’t kids”. Banned forever

      1. When you’re in the Miiverse its helpful think of yourself as being some kind enforced utopia where all kinds of exaggerated happiness are encouraged but where any form of negativity is stamped on without pause or mercy.
        Its actually a quite terrifying place.

    2. Autism isn’t an excuse to act disorderly. If you are aware you have it, then you should be aware of how it affects you and learn to control your weaknesses and strengths.

  3. Does this mean I can’t play with my friends at all unless I spend extra money for a device Nintendo doesn’t manufacture? What about Matchmaking? I thought it was just for voice chat which i could work around by using Skype with my Xbox One headset, but now I’m worried.

    I’m budgeting right now and can barely fit a Nintendo Switch into it, I cannot afford this ludicrous surcharge just to play with my friends which is my main motivation for picking up a Switch.

    Like seriously, I had been bashing the Switch all year, only to decide about a week ago that I’m actually really interested in some of the multiplayer titles, and if I wasn’t hyped enough for arms and Splatoon 2, Nintendo further reached out and plucked me into the Switch consumers basket yesterday.

    But, if I have to buy a new phone just to play with old friends, then the Switch is completely out of the question for me.

    Well, at least not owning a Switch leaves me with more time money to spend on Battlefront 2, Super Lucky’s Tale and hopefully backwards compatible Conker Live and Reloaded. Thank you Nintendo for making the choice of where I funnel my wallet easier.

      1. I’ve been playing online with friends just fine. So I’m guessing it’s for lobbies and voice chat (which is still stupid.

  4. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!}

    So let me get this straight, you can’t do anything online unless you have the stupid phone app? lol I was afraid of this if this is true. Well thanks, Ninty. I now know not to waste my money on the paid online, unless cloud storage for my save data is part of the paid online, so I won’t even bother with any of the future multiplayer heavy games on Switch like Smash. (Now I got another reason to be happy I skipped Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.) So far, it looks like I made the right choice in deciding to get most of my 3rd party games from PS4.

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!}

      Them delaying it to 2018 better be because they are giving it a well needed overhaul. (Watch this badly effect some 3rd party support, too.)

    2. That’s obviously not true, you can play online without the app, at least I have been in Bomberman, and Puyo Puyo Tetris, you just need it to create chat rooms (I’m guessing more in depth lobbies) and for regular voice chat (which is dumb)

      1. Thank you for clearing this up for us. Sounds like I’m not missing anything by opting for Discord instead (Conveniently I already use Discord for hitting my friends up for a game anyway)

        I still think it’s silly to have to use extra equipment instead of just plug a headset in. But I guess at least that may free up network resources on the Switch’s end to deliver smoother online performance.

      2. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!}

        It’s only because they aren’t charging you for online right now as it is free. This could all change once they do start charging you as they can always do a system wide patch that locks that shit behind the smartphone app. Hence my concern. (Hopefully I’m proven wrong by Nintendo in 2018 when they do start charging.)

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