Nintendo Switch

Vegeta Voice Actor Supports Campaign To Get Dragon Ball FighterZ On Switch

Dragon Ball FighterZ was announced for PC, Xbox One and PS4 during E3. While a Switch release wasn’t officially announced, producer Tomoko Hiroki said that the game could come to the console if there was enough fan demand. This sparked a huge outpouring from Dragon Ball and Nintendo fans alike. Christopher Sabat has come out as a supporter of the campaign on his Twitter. Sabat is best known for his work as the voice of Dragon Ball’s Vegeta, so he is a great figure to have supporting the cause. Would you like to see Dragon Ball FighterZ come to Switch? Tell us below.



  1. I’ve got my retweet in, have you got yours ? Let’s make this a reality I mean seriously … DBFZ at the park while my kids play on the slides and swings under a nice shady tree and a cool drink sounds pretty heavenly to me no ?


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