Miyamoto Believes That There Is Still A Lot Of Potential In Mario

There have been more Mario games than any other Nintendo franchise, the plumber jumping from tennis practice to spacefaring adventures. However, his creator still believes Mario has potential. In an interview with IGN, Shigeru Miyamoto talked about his love for the mustachioed hero. While he’s been around for over 30 years, Miyamoto still believes that there is a lot of possibility left for Mario. Check out the full interview with Miyamoto here.

“As a child I wanted to be a manga artist, and as a manga artist usually you have this symbolic character that’s yours. And you try to use that character in many different stories and episodes that you create, almost like how Hitchcock is in every one of his movies. For me, Mario is that, and I want to create as many different games as possible using Mario. And I still think there’s a lot of potential and possibility left.”




  1. Mario shooter with Violence and Murder like Cod. Or how about a a Witcher style Mario almost like Zelda but better graphics. God of Mario like God of War would also be nice. Mario Raider like tomb raider and uncharted. Or what about Grand Theft Mario that would be sick riding down Toads and stuff. Mario Creed altough the series is impossible to follow after part 34.

    I could go on , but lets just say the possibilty’s are endless just look at the 40+ amazing games that other consoles release each gen.

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  2. The best selling and most innovative video game franchise in the world making good games!? Nah, come off it Miyamoto, you’re blowing smoke.


  3. Yes, there IS plenty of potential for Mario:

    -Actual dialog from Mario in cutscenes.
    -A CGI animated movie or two (made by Nintendo EAD themselves, much like the Pikmin shorts and Starfox: The Battle Begins).
    -An anime series with arcs based on each Mario game (by chronological release).
    -The return of the Cape Feather
    -A 3D Yoshi game, with Birdo as a playable character
    -Paper. Mario. 3.
    -This girl as a new character in the Mario cast:

    Far more potential than the done-to-death NSMB games, with no plot/script and the same grass-desert-water-ice-swamp-mountain-cloud-lava worlds we’ve seen a million times.

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  4. Hitchcock is the King of Cameos. I think Stan Lee is trying to usurp that throne, though. lol


  5. Stupid WordPress! I was saying someone’s name! Now I gotta censor it because WordPress’s Comment Section is stupid.

    Hitch**** is the King of Cameos. I think Stan Lee is trying to usurp that throne, though. lol


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