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The Witness Is Not In Development For Nintendo Switch “At This Time”

It looks like there’s some hope for the possibility that Nintendo Switch owners will eventually be able to get their hands on The Witness. However, according to lead game designer Johnathan Blow, a Switch port of the acclaimed puzzle game is not in the works “at this time.” Hopefully this will change sooner rather than later, as a number of fans seem to want to play it on their Nintendo console.


      1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4; Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch!} says:

        Screw the haters. I love Ghostbusters 2! Poor Ray, though. Twice he ends up being the tool of some asshole spirit. Only this time he got possessed instead of giving physical form to a destroyer. lol

      1. If ti is announced why people should epect it? I think such stupid post aren’t made on other platforms headlines.

  1. Developer: “We are not working on such a port at this time.”
    MMN: “It looks like there’s some hope for the possibility.”

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