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Pokémon GO Has Reached 752 Million Downloads

Many were proclaiming that Pokémon GO was just a summer fad but recent numbers obtained by Venture Beat show that this is certainly not the case. The augmented reality based mobile title has reached 752 million downloads and has passed $1.2 billion in revenue. Not bad for a game that some people thought had died down significantly.

  • Pokémon Go has now earned a total of $1.2 billion in revenues
  • The game has been downloaded 752 million times
  • Total revenue for 2016 was $950 million
  • The game had about 60 million monthly players in June, with 20 percent of them opening the game at least once a day
  • 57.4 percent of the game’s players are male, while 38 percent are millennials (ages 19 to 34)
  • 32.5 percent of its users are 18 or younger

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