SNES Mini Limited To One Per Customer On Amazon UK

While the SNES Classic Mini was only announced last week, it is already proving difficult to track one down. The NES Classic Mini was plagued with similar problems, Nintendo allowing scalpers to buy the console in bulk to sell-on at a ridiculous price. However, Amazon UK is trying to counter this by limiting the system to one per customer. Even those who already pre-ordered multiple consoles are having their order changed. One NeoGaf user posted a screenshot of the email he received. Do you agree with Amazon’s decision? Tell us below.


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  1. I think this has been the case across the board in the U.K. all the places I’ve tried to buy one from have all stated that it’s one per customer. I’ve just been too late to get a pre order in.

        1. ||I’m a multiversal singularity, I cannot be mistaken…||

  2. Unfortunately this won’t do much. This system is already in place pretty much everywhere with the SNES Mini (and probably already was for the NES Mini), yet it’s still sold out everywhere. People who really want to will always find ways to bypass the system and make some profit.

    1. ||That’s nothing, in my territory it’s 150€…||

        1. ||No and I don’t plan to, I’m only here to support the newest things, maybe if they make a GCN version one day because well I made my debut there obviously…||

            1. ||Yes the Bergsala HQ, a bunch of greedy imbeciles…||

              1. How much we can blame NoJ rather than Bergsala; I do not know. I’m working with my studies atm so I can infiltrate them one way or the other.

                1. ||Not much or at all, European territories were given permission to decide price for themselves, overall it’s Sweden and Finland that have the highest prices on average…||

                  1. I would have guessed it was Norge. Not that it has much correlation with gaming consoles, but there were taken a test about the price difference between After Eight in Sverige vs Norge. And there where 200% more expensive to buy AE in Norge because people here just gave no f*ck about the price. Stupid primitives.

                    1. ||If only we could take over, we would turn it into a dark powerful base…||

  3. }{ If only this would actually do something to stop scalping… Just create additional accounts and order them to the address of a friend… Assuming scalpers have friends… I kind of doubt that… }{

  4. I doubt it will help. I’ve heard of scalpers setting up 50+ accounts in order to get around this sort of restriction. Whether it was the truth or they were just trolling…who can say?

  5. The bottom line is, as long as Nintendo sees that there’s high demand, they should continue producing more units. Unlike what they did with the NES Mini. It was SO stupid cancelling production when SO many people still wanted one.

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