Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Announce Companion App For Splatoon 2

SplatNet 2 will be allow Splatoon 2 players to interact with the game on their smart device. Launching as part of the Nintendo Switch Online app, the Splatoon portion of the app let players view stage schedules and stats via their phones. It will allow feature the game’s private match making and voice chat modes. Splatoon 2 sounds like a immersive game indeed.



    1. While i hate the switch with a passion, I severly doubt that they will do what gamers really want, but “Nintendo nostaglia fans” will still buy the damn thing even if its an inferior system with missing features.


  1. Will we have to download a new app with every new game that features online-multiplayer? lmao.
    Still can’t believe Nintendo thinks this whole being-bound-to-smartphones bs is a good idea.

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    1. My bad, it’s not a seperate app, it’s integrated into the main app. Had a long day, so forgive me, hah.
      Though my second line definitely still stands, I really can’t wrap my head around this, and why anyone would think it’s a good idea.

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    2. And with your comment, I don’t need to post my own opinion in a comment. lol


  2. Just give switch owners a voice chat feature you stingy bastards. Sony & Microsoft have it preinstalled already! So pull up your frilly stockings and get out your comfort zone! And you wonder why gamers prefer ps4 or xbox to your console thats still decades behind as you refuse to add feature that are expected on consoles in this modern age of gaming but no you still have to be so far up your own asses and think , no voicechat ! We keep to our original strategy and people will buy like the mindless cattle they are. ( evil thememe music accompanied by thunder)

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  3. whoah whoah whoah, hold up…if I’m reading this right…people can see your matches but only in private? That, as I said before, makes the voice chat worthless…in fact, makes the whole DAM THING WORTHLESS! Why not let people view the random matches and talk?


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