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The Pokemon GO Anniversary Event Is Underway

Pokemon GO is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a brand new event, which has started as of yesterday. Pikachu that are wearing Ash’s hat from the Pokemon animated series have started to show up, and a special limited-edition “Anniversary Box” can be found in the store. Inside the box is 2 premium raid passes, 6 Max Revives and 20 Ultra Balls. It costs 1200 Pokécoins, which is the equivalent of $9.99. We’ve included the official Pokemon GO tweet that confirmed the Pikachu wearing hats down below.

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2 thoughts on “The Pokemon GO Anniversary Event Is Underway”

  1. The Pokemon GO Anniversary Event Is Underwhelming*

    Lol. Just kidding. But I do think the event could’ve been way better. But whatever. I’m at least happy with the new gym system and raids, though I do wish I go at least 2 or 3 raid passes a day instead of one. Mainly because, when I do lower level raids around my neighborhood, no one is around to help me because no one wants to waste their only raid pass on level 3 or lower raids.

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