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Bloodstained Hasn’t Been Ported To Nintendo Switch Just Yet


Bloodstained Ritual of the Night is one game that I know many of you are looking forward to. However, judging from the developer’s words it sounds like it is someway off for the Nintendo Switch. Koji Igarashi says that the team have started porting the 2D action title to the PlayStation Vita, but they are currently looking at the specifications for the Nintendo Switch before they begin the long process of porting to that particular platform.

Can Nintendo Switch owners expect a similar level of background detail as the platform shown off in the trailers?

“Currently, we’re not in the middle of porting to Nintendo Switch just yet, but we are starting porting to PS Vita. In comparison to that porting process, we feel confident that the environments will look pretty similar, but we can’t say for sure until we really look into the Nintendo Switch specs and see what it’s like building a game for it.”

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