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Team Ice Cream Victorious In The Splatoon 2 North American Splatfest

Team Ice Cream has emerged victorious over Team Cake in the North American Splatoon 2 Splatfest. Taking place on July 15 from 3pm-7pm PT, Nintendo Switch owners had the opportunity to test out the upcoming Splatoon 2, choose a team, and battle for the glory of their favorite type of dessert.

The contest was based on three categories; Votes, Solo, and Team. Announcers Pearl and Marina revealed that Team Cake had in fact won 53% of Team battles, but Team Ice Cream won 51% of Solo matches and 76% of Votes, clinching their victory. It was a pretty close match, but Team Ice Cream walked away with the win.

We are still waiting on Europe’s results, but there are some rumblings that North America, Europe, and Australia’s results are all combined.

Japan, on the other hand, had a completely different contest in which they asked players to choose between Rock and Pop. Rock was the winning choice and also won by a 2-1 margin.


Which team were you? Did you enjoy the Splatfest and did it convince you to pick up Splatoon 2 when it launches on July 21, 2017 for the Nintendo Switch?



    1. Just goes to show how much more popular Ice Cream was compared to Cake, huh? My first seven battles were against other Ice Cream players and then it went on and off between Cake and Ice Cream.

      We ultimately won though, so, go team! Ice Cream reigns supreme!


      1. i have already put money on muy eshop account 2 weeks ago so i will buy it digital day one and keep it installed cause i will play it so much that i dont want to change the game card to put the next game. i dont like digital games and this is gonna be the first digital game i will ever buy (on console) this is how high lvl splatoon is for me on my heart

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  1. That was really fun though… 50% I was against my own team… whatever, it was worth 4 hours. I can’t wait till the game comes out. Team ice cream ftw!

    Oh and just to add, everyone saying the only reason everyone picked ice cream for marina is wrong. I surveyed all my family, neighbors, and friends (none of the people I surveyed knew about Splatoon 2) and I came away with 80% for ice cream and 20 % for cake (approximately) ice cream is simply the more popular dessert

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  2. Hello everyone I have to ask you something.

    I never played Splatoon 1 so this was my first Splatfest I ever played. It’s normal to do match against people from the same team?

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    1. Were you on Team Ice Cream? We weren’t split into separate teams in the first Testfire. During a Splatfest, it will try to find you a team on the opposite side, but Ice Cream outnumbered Cake by a large margin. Team Cake probably didn’t have to wait long to find matches for the most part.

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