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Fire Emblem Heroes Has Made $114.9 Million Since Release

While Super Mario Run trumped Fire Emblem Heroes in terms of downloads, Heroes has earned a sizeable amount of money over both iOS and Google Play. Deconstructor of Fun have complied statistics about Nintendo’s mobile turn-based strategy game. It made $61.5 million from iOS and an additional $53.4 on Google Play. Interesting, Heroes was downloaded far more in Japan and North America than in Europe. Downloads in Canada alone surpass that of Europe.


11 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes Has Made $114.9 Million Since Release”

  1. I’m so still waiting for Nintendo to reveal the other app they announce animal crossing, also super Mario run could of been fun if they added more levels and characters like they did with fire emblem

  2. Played it for a bit…didn’t really like it as I’m in love with the depth of the mainline games. Works as a mobile game tho.

  3. Well… people don’t like Super Mario Run for one thing. The game cost 10$ and personally I spend 10$ dollars for that game which I’m still playing the online mode everyday for get the point from My Nintendo.

    The game is fun but the problem it’s only the price which isn’t too much.

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