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U.S Splatfest Is Also Mayo Vs Ketchup

It was announced earlier today that the next Splatfest is taking place in Europe and you need to choose between Team Mayo or Team Ketchup. Well, the very same thing is happening in North America, so you need to pick a side! The Splatfest, which is bound to be great fun, will be taking place on the first weekend in August so get practising!



    1. I got jokes too.

      “Three tomatoes are walkin’ down the street. Papa Tomato, Mama Tomato and Baby Tomato. Baby Tomato starts lagging behind, and Papa Tomato gets really angry. Goes back and squishes him and says: ‘Ketchup.'”

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  1. I’m siding with Mayo. Like that on my food over ketchup anyway.

    Also, funny that the colors of either aren’t ink colors, because Splatoon would quickly be an M-Rated game with red or white “ink”.


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