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Bayonetta Amiibo Now Available On Amazon

The last batch of Super Smash Bros themed amiibo launched today and amongst them was the mighty Bayonetta. If you are quick you may just be able to secure yourself a Bayonetta amiibo from Amazon as the popular retailer currently has them in stock. You can claim yours here!



  1. My retailer got 12 of bayo 2 and 8 of bayo 1, I had one of them pre ordered since it was announced, and did not get one. Scalper selling both of them up to 3x mark up on local auction site.


      1. I checked there, but Europe does not have any below 30€ + shipping.
        I want them, but not that much.
        I think I’m going to lay off amiibo until Nintendo gets their shit together, amiibo was costing 16€ over here, but now retail prices any new ones have been from 20 to 30€ on retail and stock so limited that unless you’re pre ordering the second it’s listed, you’re not getting one.

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  2. First of all, these so called scalpers need to be erased from the internet altogether and never set foot here again! Second, I sadly don’t have the money to purchase them, and when they’ll be long gone and I’ll be sorely disappointed and frustrated also with the Nintendo Switch. And third, apparently I live in Joplin Missouri with the population of 52,195 as of 2016 according to a simple Google search. So that might be why popular items are flying off the shelves in my area before I can even get to them. And this cycle won’t end because of the SNES Classic this September and with the possibility of a restock for Super Mario Odyssey (also with a possible restock for the Nintendo Switch).


  3. Both Bayonetta amiibo are now in my possession. I just back home from buying both of them, plus both Clouds, and Corrin. And I have the female Player 2 Corrin preordered from Japan. Now if only my truck didn’t break down/ stall on the way, it would have been a nearly perfect day. I’m buying the new Splatoon amiibo next month. I’m totally broke now.

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  4. Luckily the GS nearest me had extras of Bayo 1 and Cloud 1 so I was able to grab them when I went to pick up Splatoon 2.

    Now all I need is Corrin and my Smash collection will finally be complete after all these years.


    1. Ridley X3 {R.I.P. Chester Bennington of Linkin' Park. Thank you for the awesome music. You will be missed. *cries*} says:

      *checks Amazon for female Corrin & sees a bunch for over 50 bucks* MOTHERFUCKER!!!


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