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Here’s A Visual Tutorial On Finding Every Sunken Scroll And Sardinium In Splatoon 2

Most players will be just getting started on their journey into Splatoon 2, which was released worldwide today on the Nintendo Switch, but serial collectors will surely be wanting to know where to find the Sunken Scrolls and hidden Sardinum within Octo Valley.

AbdallahSmash026 has posted a full visual tutorial on where to find every single Sunken Scroll and Sardinium throughout single-player mode. You can check it out below:

Sunken Scrolls appeared in the first iteration of Splatoon, and are hidden throughout each level in single-player mode. Each scroll reveals information about the Splatoon world and its history. Sardinium are used as a currency to unlock different items such as autobombs, and to level up items later on in the game.

Abdallah has also posted several other Splatoon 2 videos to get you started, here’s the full list:


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