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Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Receives Update

If you own Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers you may have noticed that the game recently received an update. The current version is Version 1.1.1 and it appears to be a simple online function and balance patch. If you are still in the fence about the game then you can always check out our review of the game, here!


15 thoughts on “Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Receives Update”

  1. Not supporting Capcom on the Switch at all till we get a Monster Hunter game on the west, they can go fuck themselves.

      1. Sure, let’s all meet at John house and… ah you mean online, I forgot how Sony players play Social games, I guess the epic sleep overs, with snacks, movies, and endless hours of grinding with buddies is over, I pass good sir.

      2. Typical PC drone, why you think PC LAN parties are so uncommon nowadays? maybe because most set ups are gigantic? Are the builds not heavy? need a fuck ton of space to place a single PC somewhere? is not like a room gets over 100 degrees after 4 set ups are in a single room too right? you don’t know what commodity or conformity is, hence your opinion is pure trash and unwelcome, have a good day sir.

    1. I’d rather take Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, but are you hating on a company for not fulfilling you extremely specific and selfish wish? Like, if they bring the latest entry of all of their series to Switch worldwide, except for Monster Hunter, you will still think they deserve just the worst? Jezz….

      1. Thing is the series been on Nintendo Consoles for the last 10 years, and is well know Capcom sealed the deal knowing well it would fuck Nintendo and is not that they are not fulfilling my extremes specific wish, they are fulfilling no one wish, unless you asked for this horrible SFII Turbo re-release instead of SFV? if so I apologize.

  2. I’m still waiting for Ultra Street Fighter IV: Switch Edition, as well as Ultra Street Fighter Alpha and Ultra Street Fighter III.

  3. want more Street Fighter on Switch? then talk with your money not with comments although comments can get them to listen but money will always speak louder than words. while im not that upset at paying $40 for USFIITFC i at least am supporting Capcom because why not? and also i like the franchise but we will go for why not for now.

    1. I talk with my money. I don’t want this kind of support. This is a mediocre game and does not deserves support.
      If Capcom brings high quality games… ok. Otherwise they can go to other platforms. We already have very good games, courtesy by Nintendo, need more very good games, not this.

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