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EB Games Lists Sonic Forces With November 7th Release Date

After Sonic Mania, the 3D Sonic Forces is the next big game for dedicated fans of Sega’s hedgehog. However, Sega still hasn’t revealed the game’s release date. While we know it’s still coming in 2017, Sonic Forces is still a mystery. EB Games Australia might have spoiled the surprise though as they have listed the game with a November 7th release date. Although this is certainly not a confirmation, it could be correct.


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  1. This’ll be a great release date if it ends up being true! It’ll give Sonic Mania a few months to “set in” before people move on to the next Sonic game, plus it’ll release just in time for the holidays.

    I’m gonna be picking up Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces, and Super Mario Odyssey this year, so I can’t wait to get my platforming fill XD

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  2. I dunno, I think that might be too close to Mario Odyssey. They might want to push it back by a week or two; as hype as this game looks, I don’t think it can compete with Mario.

    Just like how WATCH_DOGS Wii U version couldn’t compete with Smash Bros. back in 2014.


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