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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age Announced For The West

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age has been announced for the West. The long-awaited game will be coming to unannounced platforms in 2018. Square Enix will share more information about the game sometime during the fall this year. NeoGAF member DKHF reports that the game is currently being localized into 5 languages including English. Horii says “There’s quite a lot of text, so it’s an exorbitant amount of work.”

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    1. It feels like it’s been about 40 years since the last game aired. I’d normally say “I’m glad to get a distraction from world news”, but it seems more and more often sports networks don’t want to let me have a break.


    2. If you were talking about college ball then you’d have my attention. I like the NFL of course and Atlanta has always been my team. But college is just where it’s at IMO.


      1. I can’t keep up with college. There’s way too many teams and conferences haha. I’ll watch on occasion, but I don’t keep up to date really. I know Alabama and Clemson have been winning a lot lately.

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  1. “Unannounced Platforms”
    This is confirmed to be coming already to PS4 and 3DS in japan already so… it has to be Switch and we know a while back they did say they are considering a Switch version of the game alongside the other platforms so.. fingers crossed


  2. I know it’s a lot of work to translate these games, but why haven’t they already been working on it? I don’t understand, they know DQ11 will be a guaranteed hit in the west, so why not localize it during the main development phase? I’ll never understand why some Japanese developers do this. All this does is cost themselves more money.


      1. Its biggest in Japan, but the last console game (DQ8) sold over 1.5million copies in the west.. It has since sold millions more on Apple’s app and Androids app store. Because of that the 3ds version did not fair so well.. But still, DQ11 is very reminiscent of DQ8, and is in every way a spiritual successor.. I’m sure it would sale quite well in the west, and they know it.


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